Help us with Marker Annotation

Our database reveals numerous markers of discrete brain structures. However, many of these structures are novel and/or unknown to us, but may correspond to known structures that you know something about. Please help us by annotating these structures, and correcting existing annotations.

Note: Labeling instructions also apply to the Histological Atlas. Help us to annotate the atlas as well!!


  • Step 1: Open a gene of interest in the Image Browser (e.g. from the Alphabetical Index) or view the Histological Atlas Browser
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘labels’ button to view labels that have been placed on a gene image or atlas drawing (see Note 1)
  • Step 3: If a given structure has no label, or has been labeled as ‘unknown’, click “Label Editing” (menu bar, upper right-hand corner)
  • Step 4: Place the cursor (+) over the structure of interest (see Note 2)
  • Step 5: Double-click your mouse button to open the “Add Label” window.
  • Step 6: Enter the proposed structure name into the “Proposed Structure” field.
  • Step 7: Enter your name and/or comments in the “Annotator/Comments” field (see Note 3)
  • Step 8: Click the “Add” button on the bottom right (see Note 4)

  • A blue text label will now appear over the structure. If you mouse-over this label, a pop-up will provide additional details about your proposed annotation. Your label is now public record, and will be visible to anyone who visits the site. If approved by Team ZEBrA, your contribution will be permanently recorded in ZEBrA, and you will be credited as an "Annotator" on ZEBrA's 'About' page.

    Thanks for your help with this effort!

    Team ZEBrA


    Note 1: Labels for a given structure have only been placed on one image per series. Therefore, before you propose a new label, confirm that the structure has not been labeled/annotated on a different image.

    Note 2: When adding a label to an “Unknown” structure, please place the label next to the “Unknown” label, and not on top of it. For all other labels, place the cursor in the center of the structure. Labels will appear center justified.

    Note 3: If you know of a publication or can provide evidence supporting your proposed annotation, please let us know by entering this information in the "Annotator/Comments" field.

    Note 4: Once added, labels cannot be removed, but all suggested labels will be reviewed by team ZEBrA.

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