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Collection of high-resolution in situ images presented with annotated drawings derived from Karten/Mitra Histological Atlas. Including:

  • Full atlas series - 5-9 brain levels (~0.2 - 4.0 mm from midline) encompassing most major brain subdivisions, cellular fields, fiber tracts, and nuclei
  • Subset series - 1-4 brain levels (~1.0 and 2.4 mm from midline) minimally encompassing the major nuclei of the song system (HVC, RA, LMAN, Area X)
  • No Signal Detected - 0 brain levels (no signal was detected with our hybridization conditions)
  • Completed hybridizations (images being processed)

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Set of annotated drawings prepared in registration with Nissl- and Myelin-stained images of sagittal brain sections derived from the Karten/Mitra atlas.

  • 18 Annotated Atlas drawings
  • 18 Corresponding images of Nissl stained sagittal sections
  • 18 Corresponding images of Myelin stained sagittal sections
  • 18 Corresponding color coded drawings of major brain subdivisions

See a structure in the Histological Atlas that needs to be labeled? Follow these instructions to learn how.

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A search engine that allows you to retrieve a list of genes that are markers of a given structure, or of multiple structures.

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